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Our Purpose
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Why build yet another penpals site when there are thousands already out there?

As an avid penpaler myself I have been disappointed with the many sites I have visited on the Internet. They are either poorly run, rarely used or updated or simply there to help people find a date or lover.

I know for a fact there are many people out there frustrated by these sites and want a place where they can find a friend, nothing more or less, to talk to. To swap ideas and gossip with. Someone else who shares their likes and is genuinely going to enjoy writing back to them.

This site is for those people. We won't SPAM you with our ads, we won't pass your email addresses onto other places so they can send you junk mail, we don't even encourage seekers of love and a relationship to join.

This is a penpal site for people looking for PENPALS. Whether by email or to share a "snail mail" correspondance with. If you are looking for a true friend, then we are YOUR site!

Our plans for the future:

For now this site is new and growing. What we are currently looking for are people all around the world of any age, race or background who want a penpal to write to.

Once we have a large enough database, our plan is to create a monthly to bi-monthly newsletter to send our members (for a very small fee), letting them know of other penpal seekers.

Then, when our database is big enough we hope to create tailor made newsletters and packages for our members. These will cost a small fee but will include such things as a personalised newsletter being either emailed or physically posted to you, a collection of postcards from here in sunny Brisbane, Australia and stationary to help you on your way to writing to your new friends. Membership to such packages will include the fees to cover these items and a range of different packages will be offered.

Our over all goal will be to help you make friends EVERYWHERE!

The Mailbag* Brisbane* Australia*