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The Good, Bad and Ugly


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Strange page name, but a place where we list penpal sites!

The Mailbag.

This page is dedicated to everyone else world wide having a hard time trying to find a decent penpal site where they can find TRUE, LONGLASTING penpal friends! :)
We at the Mailbag know how hard this can be, we've been there ourselves. So the following are our opinion of what's what in the penpal wide web.
There are the three basics, their definitions are:
Good: An excellent all round penpal site where you really can find a good penpal. It is safe for the whole family to use and in general SPAM free. Examples would be, easy to follow instructions, an offer of more than one language where possible, up to date ads and links. VERY User Friendly.
Bad: Not an ideal place to go. Places where it is hard to find a real penpal friend rather than a date. Examples of such sites would be: Some links or ads are so old they don't work anymore. The site is set up in a confusing way and they just throw pop up ads at you rather than offer you penpals. It is hard to understand. Very user Unfriendly.
Ugly: I am hoping not to find too many of these sites. They are basically places where things aren't what they seemed when you first clicked on the link. Examples are sites offering you "Friendship" and when you join all they want to do is advertise you for romance or a date. Places with hidden catches asking you to PAY for a free service once you've joined. Smutty, racist, sexist and down right non family orientated sites. And EXTREMELY User Unfriendly. Places where you ask a question or leave feedback and either get no answer or an extremely rude reply from the so called "nice" moderator. Sadly, these sites are out there too!
Please note! That this review section is based on the opinions of the creators of The Mailbag ONLY. We have listed them in the hopes they help people find what they are looking for. We do not expect everyone to share or agree with our opinions but to perhaps use ours to base some of their own. If you disagree with our reviews of a penpal site, that is fine. If you want to share your view like we have, please feel free to create your own website to do so..... Like we did! :)

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The Good:
Below are the nams and links to Penpal websites that get The Mailbag's nod.
Cultural Correspondence
MOPS Penpals
Ny Sida 1 Craft Penpals
Snail Mail and Swapper World Penpal Community
Penpal Square
Mail Friends
The Bad:
Below are the names and links to Penpal websites that get The Mailbag's  shrug. (Please not here are seen as a negative. They are just sites that didn't make the "Good" grade by The Mailbag.)
Brisbane Personals Exchange
International Penpals
Penpals Now!
The Norway Post
Hands Across the World
The Ugly:
Below are the names and links to Penpal websites that get The Mailbag's "don't go there!". :)
Washington DC Registry
Friends Plus

Given time, The Mailbag hopes to improve this rating system to include a more refined view of the sites.
Sort of like the five star rating of things, we hope to briefly list the sites, whether they are good, bad or ugly, and a rating to show how good, bad or ugly they actually are. :)
We also hope to justify these ratings with reviews as to what made us choose what we did. Naturally, these more indepth reviews will appear on our "Reviews" page. :)

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Let us know if there are any features you would like added to this page.